Jodi Marquez Klarenbeek

Jodi Marquez Klarenbeek
Adult with CF

Jodi is a young adult with cystic fibrosis living in Oklahoma City. Originally from Iowa, she was diagnosed at 14 months of age and has fought cystic fibrosis her entire life. Her journey with CF has driven her passion for cystic fibrosis awareness, her work as a CF advocate and her participation in CF research studies. Through her writing, she hopes to give a voice to people in the community who have not yet found one. When she is not writing, Jodi enjoys working, salsa dancing, yoga and spending time with family and her husband.

Blog Posts


Many people might be put off by the thought of participating in a clinical trial. The increasing life expectancy for CFers like me, however, is a testament to the impact medical research can have on the development of therapies for cystic fibrosis.

| 4 min read

In a culture flooded with advertisements about the perfect body, secret weight-loss tricks and fad diets, our cultural ideals of weight are often skewed to an image that is far from healthy.

| 5 min read

When you have cystic fibrosis, the people in your life are heavily impacted by what you go through. And this love isn't limited to a companion or partner, but shines through friends, parents, siblings and caregivers.

| 3 min read