Kat Quinn

Kat Quinn
Mother of a child with CF

Kat founded the Blooming Rose Foundation (BRF) when her eldest daughter was diagnosed with CF six years ago. The BRF was designed to empower parents whose children have been newly diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. She has served as a communication consultant to teams and advisory boards of numerous pharmaceutical companies as they develop education and empowerment tools for the community. She holds a M.S. in health communication from Boston University and a B.S.W. from Humboldt State University.

Blog Posts


At a CF care center visit, I realized that I needed to step back so my daughter could step forward. 

| 4 min read

There is no greater instinct than a mother's need to protect, and I have had to willfully disregard it countless times in my journey with CF.

| 4 min read

I have spent many days trying to impart my commitment to my daughter in her fight with CF but, in the end, she feels alone. I take a moment to reprimand myself for forgetting the importance of teaching through example. Then, I focus on change.

| 4 min read

Why do we feel like failures if we can't get our children to gain weight and have to concede the battle against the feeding tube?

| 3 min read