Mary Sullivan

Mother of a teen with CF

Mary is a mother to three teenage girls. She is on the Board of Directors for her local CF Foundation chapter. Mary has advocated through all media outlets on the local, regional and national levels for the Foundation and several other charities that are close to her heart. She also currently serves on the Parent Teacher Organization Board at her girls' high school and is employed as a CF Client Advocate for Cystic Fibrosis Services Inc., a Walgreens Alliance Pharmacy. Mary and her family reside in South Texas.

Blog Posts


Going back to work was hard. So. Very. Hard. But with the mounting costs of cystic fibrosis, I didn't have a choice. The decision had been made for me.

| 4 min read

The only thing that is certain in my life is the uncertainty of my teenage daughter's next hospital stay. Despite this, she has somehow managed to supervise her own academic life from a hospital room. 

| 4 min read

I read the blogs and stories parents write about their compliant CF kids, I hear CF adults speak about never missing a treatment or medication, and despite my best efforts, I am fighting a battle I never imagined with Betsy. 

| 5 min read