Paul Motenko

Father of an adult with CF

Paul has been involved with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation since his daughter, Stacy, was diagnosed with CF 31 years ago. He is the chairman of the Orange County Chapter's Volunteer Board. Paul serves as co-chairman of the Orange County Chapter's largest fundraising event, Pipeline to a Cure. An avid hiker, Paul has participated in numerous Xtreme Hike events throughout the country. He is also a strong advocate and attends both March on the Hill and the California State Advocacy day each year. As one of the founders of BJ's Restaurants, Inc., Paul spearheaded the “Cookies for Kids” initiative which has raised millions of dollars for CF.

Blog Posts


Caring for somebody with CF used to be a lonely journey. But that changed after I attended the first Volunteer Leadership Conference (VLC). I have attended the conference every year, and this year as a co-chair of the 15th VLC, I'm welcoming everybody to livestream it so we can share and learn together.

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