Awards for Infection Research Initiative

Awards for the Infection Research Initiative will support proposals for basic or clinical research to address Infection Research Initiative priorities and can be submitted through various Cystic Fibrosis Foundation funding opportunities.

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Since the launch of the Infection Research Initiative (IRI) in 2018, we have made significant progress in funding a range of infection-related projects that give us a diversified portfolio and good coverage of the IRI's six priority research areas. There is still much to be done to address the infection-related needs of the cystic fibrosis community, and we will continue to aggressively fund awards for the IRI through our existing research funding mechanisms with a focus on projects that address the IRI research priorities. At this time, we do not have plans to release a Special Topic IRI Request for Applications (RFA) in 2020. We will continue to evaluate the need for Special Topic IRI RFAs annually and will update upcoming announcements on this page once decisions are made. Academic researchers seeking funding for infection-related projects should submit proposals through the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation recurrent funding mechanisms listed below.

Basic Science Research Funding Opportunities

Basic science research funding opportunities are intended to support research that will improve the understanding of the basic etiology and pathogenesis in CF. Studies supported through these mechanisms may be carried out at the subcellular, cellular, animal, or patient levels. Proposals that include methodologies requiring human subjects or sampling of materials from human subjects will be considered under this mechanism only if the sampling method constitutes minimal patient risk (e.g., venipuncture, nasal brushings) and the sample will be utilized in basic or laboratory research. Projects using previously obtained human samples or samples collected as part of routine clinical care may be allowed; however, this should be specified clearly in the application. For more information regarding cycle deadlines, submission instructions, and program requirements, please refer to the links below.

Pilot and Feasibility Award

Research Grant

Clinical Research Funding Opportunities

Clinical research funding opportunities are intended to support research using clinical (observational/interventional), translational, or epidemiologic study approaches. Applicants must demonstrate access to a sufficient number of CF patients and to appropriate controls. For more information regarding cycle deadlines, submission instructions, and program requirements, please refer to the links below.

Clinical Pilot and Feasibility Award

Clinical Research Award

For more information regarding funding opportunities for infection research or general inquiries regarding the Infection Research Initiative, please contact Dara Riva ( or Tiffany Burnett (

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