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Brian smiling sitting on a mountain top.


What Traveling Has Taught Me About CF

My experience traveling with cystic fibrosis has taught me that a chronic illness should never slow you down. It may require extra planning and packing, but it’s worth it and definitely doable.

Brian Donahoe
| 6 min read
Daniel Pachas


Not Letting CF Hold Me Back From Traveling

After starting on Trikafta®, I finally became able to travel without getting an immediate exacerbation when I returned home. Now, I am relishing the opportunity to travel abroad, while taking every precaution necessary to protect myself from the pandemic.

| 4 min read


Top 10 Tips for Road Trips With Your Child With CF

Traveling with a kid with cystic fibrosis is better if you plan ahead, get organized, and create a schedule -- but always be able to roll with the punches if that schedule changes.

| 7 min read


Living the Island Life With CF

I decided that I wanted to live on the Caribbean island that I grew up on. Although it takes some planning and work, I'm thriving there.

Chelsea Stahl Spruance
| 7 min read


Traveling With CF: Plan Ahead, Be Flexible, and Accept Help

After three surgeries to fix a collapsed lung, I still managed to travel abroad. It took a lot of planning, help from family and friends, and simply not caring about what other people think.

| 7 min read


No-Stress Travel Tips for People With CF

If you have cystic fibrosis, don't waste your strength on the travel leg of your vacation. Save your energy for the fun stuff by asking for help when you need it.

| 4 min read