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Luisa sitting on the grass with a mask on outside with her dog.


Giving You Permission to Accept My Chronic Illness

Although I don’t consider having a chronic illness like cystic fibrosis a good thing, I accept it and I think others should, too.

Luisa Palazola
| 3 min read
Katherine Finegan smiling with her husband at a baseball game.


Prioritizing Myself This Holiday Season

Because I am immunocompromised after having a lung transplant, I still take extra precautions with COVID-19. I still feel awkward with turning down invitations and limiting my own guest list at gatherings, but I know my closest family and friends understand and do whatever they can to accommodate me.

Katherine Finegan headshot
Katherine Finegan
| 4 min read
Liz Fletcher smiling with her husband.


Letting Go of People Who Don’t Respect My Boundaries

Because my husband has cystic fibrosis, I take extra precautions to protect him from COVID-19 exposure. That is why I can’t continue to have relationships with friends and family who refuse to get vaccines or wear masks. They are putting my husband -- and others like him -- at risk.

Liz Fletcher headshot
Liz Fletcher
| 7 min read
Handwritten sign from a child thanking doctors for their research for COVID-19.


Children With CF and COVID-19

As a community, we are very good at masking and keeping a safe distance to reduce risk from germs. And just like we have highly effective therapies to treat CF, we now have highly effective vaccines to protect our kids from COVID-19.

Lael Yonker headshot
Lael Yonker, MD
| 5 min read
Trista Escobedo Baby Blanket


Making Tough Decisions To Keep Our Daughter Safe

Having to isolate from our loved ones after the birth of our first child -- right as the COVID-19 outbreak hit our community -- was doubly difficult, but with a little education, our support network came through for us.

Trista Escobedo Headshot
Trista Escobedo
| 9 min read


Risk Assessment in an Ever-Changing World

Even though I've been vaccinated against COVID-19, I've been using a risk assessment tool to try to make sure that I'm still being as safe as possible.

Brad Johns
| 5 min read