You Know You’re a CF Parent When …

If you want your kids to eat all of their dessert instead of all their vegetables and have a kitchen refrigerator that looks like a pharmacy, then this list is for you.

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Lisa C. Greene, M.A., CFLE

You know you're a CF parent when …

  1. You look at nutritional labels to find items with the most calories and fat instead of the opposite.
  2. You are a hand sanitizer connoisseur and can locate a bottle within 30 seconds from anywhere on the planet.
  3. Instead of hearing your child say, "The dog ate my homework!" you hear, "The dog ate my nebulizer!"
  4. You snitch salt packets and stash them in your purse, car and diaper bag.
  5. You find enzyme beads in the strangest places and wonder how on earth they got there.
  6. The older your child gets, the heavier you get!
  7. You get excited about the pill box section at the pharmacy in the same way that others like office supply stores.
  8. You don't need speed dial for the CF clinic phone number; you have it memorized.
  9. Your highly-trained ears can hear another person coughing from a mile away.
  10. People think you're nuts when you say, “Wow! That was a good cough!”
  11. You find yourself discussing private bodily functions over the family dinner table without any embarrassment at all.
  12. You know more medical terminology than some professionals.
  13. When you go out to dinner on a date night, you still get out the enzymes.
  14. You can flush a PICC line faster than a nurse.
  15. You make nebulizer soup in a large pot every night.
  16. You are a doctor, nurse, lawyer, pharmacist, accountant and child psychiatrist all in the same body!
  17. You can care for your special child better than anyone else in the universe.

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As a national public speaker, Lisa speaks to parents and medical professionals about parenting, medical adherence, transition, and resilience. She is also the author of three books on parenting children with health issues. Lisa is a certified family life educator and parent coach. She holds a master's degree in family life education and teaches college classes at Concordia University in the Department of Child and Family Education. Lisa's mission is to help families learn practical, easy-to-use tools to deal with the everyday challenges of living with CF. You can find more articles by Lisa at

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