Why I Am Thankful for 30 Years of Great Strides

As I reflect on the 30th anniversary of Great Strides and my 35-year journey living with cystic fibrosis, I celebrate all the CF community has accomplished together and am thankful to be able to share my story as a 2018 National Ambassador. 

Aug. 1, 2018 | 3 min read
Randi Gleason

One of the greatest feelings we can have as humans is knowing we are making a difference.

As we reach the middle of the year, it's a wonderful time to celebrate the difference we have made for our community so far during this 30th year of Great Strides. Personally, mid-year is my favorite time to thank those who have given their time, talent, and passion to work toward a cure for cystic fibrosis. Not only is it a great time to remind people of what they're giving back by supporting the CF Foundation, but it also leaves me thinking about all of the other things I can do to increase awareness and fundraising in the remaining five months.

For example, I have found that simple actions such as writing thank-you letters, posting walk day photos to social media, and simply sharing your Great Strides experience allows others to feel the same sense of community and friendship found at walks across the nation.

For those who are still anxiously waiting for their Great Strides walk day to arrive, I encourage you to continue telling your story, whether in person or on social media. Encourage others to participate with you and make the last stretch before the Great Strides walk count!

Thanks to our CF community, the ideas for making an impact are plentiful -- and there's still time to continue our efforts to meet our personal, local, and national Great Strides goals for 2018.

While donations are always useful, fundraising has also been therapeutic for me during my 35-year journey with CF. I remember participating in Great Strides with my friends as a little girl and feeling so inspired. I felt empowered returning to my everyday CF routine because I felt the support from those closest to me. Fast forward 35 years and it's even more special to see the children of my childhood friends striding right along with us. It has delivered hope to my heart and joy to my spirit to know that what we do is making a difference for our generation and the ones to come.


So, in the few remaining months of 2018, will you join me? I'd love to hear your ideas and what you're doing to make this your best fundraising year ever. 

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Randi lives on Toledo Bend Lake with her husband, Darold. This fall, they will celebrate 14 years of marriage. Randi has served her local communities in various capacities including three terms on her local school board. Randi has a degree in marketing/public relations and has been self-employed for 15 years. As a Pink Cadillac Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics, she recently received the company's most coveted award, Miss Go-Give in 2018, honoring her spirit to help others succeed. She and Darold spend their free time on the golf course and on the lake.

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