Watch the Vlog: 2 Sisters Talk Five Feet Apart

Watch our vlog to hear us discuss the upcoming film, Five Feet Apart.

March 5, 2019 | 1 min read
Bethany Kokoski

As sisters, there is a lot that we share. But as cysters, there is a lot about our individual experiences with the disease that set us apart. Today on the blog, we wanted to address a hot topic in the CF community -- the upcoming Five Feet Apart movie -- and share our different perspectives in anticipation of the film's release next week.

Watch our vlog below to hear our thoughts, questions, concerns, and more as we tackle topics such as infection prevention and control (IPC), anxietygerms, the Five Feet Apart book, and what the community has been saying about the film.

Check out this discussion guide the Foundation created to help people with CF and their families talk about the movie.

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Bethany was diagnosed with CF at 4 months old. A current resident of Spring Hill, Tenn., she grew up near Cleveland, Ohio, in the little town of LaGrange, but has called Nashville home for the last 12 years. Bethany made sports and exercise her life and, at 19 years old, became a professional dancer for the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers. She carried health and wellness into her career as a full-time elementary physical education teacher, graduating from Middle Tennessee State University with a B.S. in human health and performance. She is also a part-time certified integrative nutrition Health Coach and her company, Breathe, Love, & Be Well (@breathelovebewell), is where she mentors others on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Bethany is the oldest of three sisters, and her youngest sister, Mackenzie, has CF as well. They encourage each other and fight together! You can learn more about their journey by following them on Instagram @sister_cyster.

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