Become a CF Foundation Grampion

The Grampions program provides connection, support, and volunteer opportunities for adults 50+ who want to make a difference for those living with CF and their families while finding community with others.

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Grampions on the VLC Stage
  • Grampions are adults 50+ who want to join the fight and help those living with CF lead full, productive lives.
  • Join this growing community to find connection, support, and volunteer opportunities.

Want to help those living with CF but not sure where to start? The Grampions program can help you find your place in the CF community. Grampions are adults 50+ who want to join the fight and help those living with CF lead full, productive lives. They are the ultimate champions for not only their loved one living with CF, but for all people with CF.


Become a Grampion 

Benefits of Becoming a Grampion

  • Be invited to a number of social and educational events, including care center tours, conferences, brunches, book clubs, and more. 
  • Receive volunteer opportunities from your local chapter — from Great Strides to galas, there is a space for you.
  • Receive updates on the latest in CF with opportunities to ask questions and provide feedback.
  • Connect with your local chapter to attend Grampions events near you.
  • Impact the lives of people with CF, whether they are next door or across the country. 

What Does Membership Look Like?

  • You choose how much — or how little — you want to be involved and which opportunities are of most interest to you.
  • There is no minimum participation or financial requirement. 
  • No matter where you or your loved one with CF lives, there are opportunities available for you to get involved.

Become a Grampion

If you are interested in becoming a Grampion, fill out the interest form below to get in contact with your local chapter and learn about different volunteer opportunities in your area. Please contact your local chapter with any questions.

Become a Grampion 

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