Community Grant Programs

Whether focused on physical wellness or connectivity and creativity, there are endless community grant programs available to empower and support people with CF and their loved ones.

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Impact Grant Programs

Bobby and Rebecca Shook smiling and holding ukuleles.
The DistrActors
Founded by professional performer and adult with CF Rebecca Shook and her spouse, Bobby Shook, this group of comedic actors creates personalized music, storytelling, and skits to provide emotional support for children with CF during hospital visits.
Physical therapist adjusting patient through stretches
Exercise Training for Teenagers With CF
Led by clinical exercise physiologist and pulmonary exercise specialist Taylor Lewis, this virtual program helps teens with CF learn proper exercise techniques to build their own personalized exercise routines, avoid injury, strengthen performance, and enjoy physical activity.
Colorful mosaic artwork
I Can Imagine
Led by artist and adult with cystic fibrosis Dylan Mortimer, this program offers virtual art sessions for adults with CF to create visual representations of their unique experience living with the disease. The program aims to display select artwork in CF care centers and hospitals across the country to inspire hope and healing.
Woman holding up dance shoes and smiling
Dancing Together With CF
A free, livestreamed dance class for the CF community that replicates a traditional dance studio experience by providing video group dance classes featuring movement designed specifically for people living with CF and the opportunity for participants to connect.
Man smiling in hospital bed
Raising Cystic Fibrosis Engagement in the African American Community
A program expansion from the National Organization of African Americans With Cystic Fibrosis that aims to connect and engage people with CF and their families in the African American community through online workshops, an expanding network of virtual support, and more.
Woman and child smiling together
Work Proudly
A program piloted by the Claire's Place Foundation, Work Proudly provides adults with CF and their caregivers with job training and equipment to gain the skills necessary to be competitive in the job market and acquire flexible, work-from-home employment.

Community Support Grants

Woman outside stretching with yoga block
CF Yogi
Virtual yoga studio that hosts weekly livestreamed yoga classes led by instructors who have firsthand knowledge of yoga and CF and its value as a self-empowering tool for those living with the disease. Classes are open to adults and children with CF, parents and caregivers, spouses, families, and friends.
Two woman smiling in front of research poster
Cystic Fibrosis Reproductive & Sexual Health Collaborative
This program invites women with CF to partner with health care providers and researchers to shape the future of CF research on sexual and reproductive health issues. CFReSHC holds monthly virtual meetings for women with CF to share their experiences, help identify knowledge gaps, and formulate key research questions to inform patient-centered research projects.
CF Roundtable newspaper cover
CF Roundtable
This quarterly newsletter offers the CF community an opportunity to exchange medical and non-medical information. Available in digital and print, the publication is free to all subscribers, and provides an open network for members of the community to engage with one another and gain access to a dynamic library of educational and support resources.
  Kid Busy Living
Founded by two parents of children with CF, this program is dedicated to helping kids with CF in Mississippi live healthier, happier lives through exercise and activity. Through “Kid Busy Living,” the organization funds participation in extracurricular activities such as summer camps and sports programs. They also provide educational tools for program providers about the special needs of children with CF, and supply products, such as hand sanitizer and tissues, to aid in infection control.
Project CF Spouse purple logo
Project CF Spouse
A nonprofit dedicated to educating and supporting spouses of people with CF. Funding from the Community Support Grant has been used to grow into an organization that provides educational resources and access to other spouses and people with CF via monthly “Spouse Calls.”
Young boy doing gymnastics
Recreation Grant Program
Awards exercise and wellness sponsorships to children and adults with CF who demonstrate a financial need and personal desire to improve their physical and emotional well-being. Sponsorship funds of up to $500 are paid directly to activity providers for participation in sports leagues, and lessons in swimming, skiing, yoga, horseback riding, and more.
Zoom meeting screenshot showing the faces of the sINgSPIRE choir
Founded by professional vocalist and adult with CF, Ashley Ballou-Bonnema, this 10-week program focuses on combating CF through the art of singing. Virtual lessons are taught by a cohort of professional voice instructors and focus on building self-awareness, self-confidence, and respiratory strength.
Two men walking on the beach with an oxygen tank
Sponsorships for Fitness and Exercise
Supports and empowers children with CF to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives to manage the physical and emotional aspects of CF. The program provides financial sponsorships of up to $1,000 each for participation in fitness-related activities and guidance to find the right sport for each individual.
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