Fitness at School

If your child has cystic fibrosis, chances are you have some concerns about school fitness activities like physical education classes or school sports teams. Even though some people with CF have trouble breathing and tire easily, exercise can be especially important.

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Fitness can improve health and promote social interactions. But every person with CF has different needs, so it's always good to have the physical therapist or a member of your child's CF care team be involved in fitness decisions at school. The physical therapist on your child's CF care team is trained to design and help fit an exercise or physical activity program into your child's daily routine. Ask the physical therapist if it's OK for your child to participate in regular exercise and other types of physical activity at school. You can also ask the physical therapist to join conference calls with your child's physical education teacher.

If there is no physical therapist on your child's care team, ask your CF nurse which member of the care team can provide guidance.

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