Managing Your Treatment Plan

Daily CF treatments take time, patience and persistence. But the benefits of managing your treatment plan outweigh the drawbacks so that you can achieve more of your personal goals.

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Components of a Treatment Plan

Although your care team will work with you to tailor your treatment plan, most treatment plans will include:

You Are in Charge

Every person with CF has a different treatment plan. Yours is unique to your specific health needs, age, lifestyle, goals and medical test results. Your care team will partner with you so you can maintain good health as long as possible and achieve your personal goals.

There is a lot you can do to successfully manage your health. With your input, your care team can work with you to develop your treatment plan. From there, you decide how to manage it every day. Successful management means developing a routine for taking your medications, clearing your airways, avoiding germs, eating a high-calorie diet and following a fitness plan. That puts you in control of your health.

What Motivates You?

Find your motivation. Achieving your personal goals -- such as going on a road trip, running a marathon, or just spending more time doing the things you enjoy with your friends and family -- can serve as a powerful reminder to help you stick to your daily treatment plan. 

I do my treatments for my kids. They get me fired up.
- Andy Lipman, 41

Discover how Dana Curry, 31, uses fun, motivational techniques to fit in all her daily treatments and therapies. 

One Step at a Time

Small changes can make a big difference, so take it one step at a time. Follow your treatment plan consistently until it becomes part of your daily routine. You will likely feel more energetic. You may have fewer hospitalizations and exacerbations (worsening of your symptoms) and, in many cases, have better lung function - all of which can contribute to a longer and better life.

This is your treatment plan, so you can develop a schedule that works best for you. Managing your treatment plan requires you to be organized and committed in order to do it successfully. When creating your treatment routine, consider the following:

  • Create a routine for airway clearance and breathing treatments. Enter it on your calendar as an appointment so you won't forget when scheduling other events.
  • Review your calendar for the upcoming week so you can adjust your treatment schedule if you need to.
  • Create reminders on your computer or mobile device for airway clearance and when it's time to take medications, including digestive enzymes.
  • Install apps on your mobile device (many are free to download) to remind you when it is time for medication or therapy.
  • Keep a running list of challenges you're facing in sticking with your daily treatment plan and talk with your care team about them at your next visit. For example, conditions like attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder can cause challenges with keeping up your treatments. Your team may be able to help you brainstorm ways to fit it all in. 

Experiment with different ways to manage your time or try different airway clearance techniques or medical equipment until you find a system that works for you. Nobody is perfect about his or her treatment plan. Don't get discouraged if you miss taking a medication or two. There may be days when you are too busy or don't have enough energy to complete your entire routine. This is where your care team can help you problem-solve, so talk to them about it.

Making your health a priority and finding creative ways to fit your treatments into your day will help you to successfully manage your CF so that you can reach your personal goals.

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