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Advocacy | Our Advocacy Work More Than 175 Advocates Urge Action During 16th Annual March on the Hill

During the annual event, volunteers advocated for the PASTEUR Act and the HELP Copays Act, two bipartisan pieces of legislation that could have substantial, positive impact on the CF community.

| 3 min read
Advocacy CF Foundation Applauds Reintroduction of the HELP Copays Act

Bipartisan legislation could help patients access necessary prescription drugs by potentially reducing the financial burden that results from complex and hard-to-navigate health insurance plans

| 2 min read
Advocacy | Insurance | Public Policy CF Foundation Urges Vertex Pharmaceuticals to Reverse Consequential Decision on Copay Assistance

206 care center directors sign a letter citing clinical consequences if decision moves forward. 

| 3 min read
Advocacy | Insurance | Public Policy CF Foundation Urges Vertex Pharmaceuticals to Address Its Decision to Decrease Copay Assistance for People with Cystic Fibrosis

Vertex’s copay assistance changes add an undue burden for people living with an already expensive, challenging lifelong disease.

| 3 min read
Advocacy | Antibiotics | Public Policy 165 Organizations Urge Lawmakers to Advance PASTEUR Act Before Congress Ends

Bill will jump-start rebuilding of the antibiotics pipeline that is vital to stave off a looming pandemic.

| 3 min read
Advocacy | Our Advocacy Work Teens Advocate for the PASTEUR Act as Part of the CF Foundation’s 14th Annual Teen Advocacy Day

More than 60 teens from across the country — 25 of whom live with cystic fibrosis — participated online and on Capitol Hill in the Foundation’s Teen Advocacy Day to advocate for the CF community. 

| 4 min read
About the CF Foundation | Advocacy CF Foundation Announces New National Advocacy Chairs

Marissa Benchea and Jeremy and Rachel Olimb to lead the Foundation’s volunteer advocacy base into a new chapter of CF

| 5 min read
Advocacy | Our Advocacy Work More Than 160 Advocates Raise Their Voices for PASTEUR Act During March on the Hill

More than 160 people with CF and their loved ones from across the country advocated for a more robust antibiotics pipeline during the CF Foundation's virtual March on the Hill.

| 3 min read
Health Care Reform | Advocacy U.S. Supreme Court Rules on the Affordable Care Act

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation celebrates the decision issued by the United States Supreme Court in California v. Texas, ultimately protecting the Affordable Care Act. 

| 3 min read
Antibiotics | Advocacy CF Foundation Affirms Support of the Introduction of the PASTEUR Act

Proposed legislation has the potential to revitalize the global marketplace for novel antibiotics, bringing urgently needed medicines for drug-resistant infections to patients.

| 2 min read