New Law Ensures Health Coverage for College Students with CF
| 1 min read

A new statute that helps young adults in college keep their health insurance during a medical leave of absence was enacted on October 9th.

The legislation, known as Michelle's Law, will help young adults with cystic fibrosis who must take a medical leave of absence from college keep their health coverage at a time when they need it most. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation supported this legislation and applauds its enactment.

Under the new law, college students who are still covered under their parents' insurance plans will be able to keep their coverage, even if they are forced to leave school for a short time due to their health.  Michelle's Law helps young people with CF to continue their education without fear of losing their health coverage due to requirements stating that they must be fully enrolled in school to participate in the insurance plan.

Join the Foundation in its efforts to support legislation that protects the rights of people with CF. Become an Advocate.

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