Navigating CF: A Series

How to use Navigating CF: A Series

The video series is broken up into sections that can be watched in one sitting, or over a period of time when it's convenient for you. Download one-pagers that accompany the videos, which can be found in the “Toolbox” section of the program.

Navigating CF: Choosing an Insurance Plan

You know that CF requires highly specialized care, but what should you be looking for in a health insurance plan to cover the care you need? This program covers:

  • Things to consider before choosing a health insurance plan 
  • Insurance issues unique to cystic fibrosis 
  • Health insurance options and eligibility requirements 
  • Insurance comparison and selection process  

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Navigating CF: Understanding Medicare

Medicare is a complex program, and its many rules and requirements can leave you feeling lost. This program addresses common questions and concerns about Medicare and CF, including: 

  • The basics of Medicare and how the government benefit program works
  • The different types of Medicare coverage available
  • How to choose a Medicare plan
  • Who can benefit from Medicare
  • How to enroll in Medicare

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Connect with CF Foundation Compass

Contact CF Foundation Compass for one-on-one assistance with insurance, financial, legal, and other issues. A case manager can help you find and compare insurance options or answer questions you may have. 

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