Navigating CF Series

Navigating CF Series

Navigating CF is a series of short videos that help people with CF, their families, and care teams navigate complex issues. No matter where you are on your journey, Navigating CF can help. 

How to use Navigating CF: A Series Overview

The video series is broken up into sections that can be watched in one sitting, or over a period of time when it's convenient for you. Download one-pagers that accompany the videos, which can be found in the “Toolbox” section of the program.

Navigating CF: Insurance Denials and Appeals

Getting a denial for a cystic fibrosis treatment or service can be overwhelming. But there are steps you can take to have your claim reconsidered through the appeals process.

Insurance Denials and Appeals

These short videos in the Navigating CF series can help you understand:

  • Why your commercial insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid plan may deny a claim
  • The basics of insurance appeals
  • What your options are
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Insurance Denials and Appeals Toolkit
Insurance Denials and Appeals Additional Resources Download (PDF)
Self-Funded Versus Fully Insured Employer Health Plans Download (PDF)
Navigating CF: Health Insurance for CF

Health insurance can be hard to navigate, but you are not alone.

Health Insurance for CF

This program covers: 

  • Key insurance terms — like deductible, coinsurance, accumulator, maximizer, and more — that affect what you’ll pay out of pocket for health coverage. 

  • Health insurance options for those transitioning coverage. 

  • The importance of understanding provider networks when it comes to getting and affording specialized CF care. 

  • The basics of prescription benefits to help you figure out coverage and cost of the CF medications you need. 

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Health Insurance for CF Toolkit
Insurance Options: A Quick Reference Guide Download (PDF)
Know Before You Choose Insurance Download (PDF)
Plan Comparison Checklist Download (PDF)
Care Center Network Issues Download (PDF)
Common Issues With CF Drug Coverage Download (PDF)
Navigating CF: Understanding Medicare

Medicare is a complex program. For people with CF, it is especially important to understand how the decision to go on Medicare will affect how you receive and pay for your health care.

Understanding Medicare

The videos in the Navigating CF series address common questions and concerns about Medicare and CF, including:  

  • The basics of Medicare and how the government benefit program works 
  • The different types of Medicare coverage available 
  • Choosing a Medicare plan 
  • Managing the high cost of Medicare with CF  
  • Medicare coverage of common CF medications, including what’s covered under Part B vs Part D 
  • Medicare coverage of major health transitions — from CF-related diabetes to transplantation
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Understanding Medicare Toolkit
Medicare Part D - 2024 Changes for People With CF Download (PDF)
Medicare Basics for People With CF Download (PDF)
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