Jump On In: It’s Travel Takeover Week

Planning a last-minute vacation before the end of the summer? We’ve got you covered! All week long we’ll be sharing tips, advice and personal stories on traveling with CF.

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Ashling Knight

Hello, CF community! This week on the blog, we'll be featuring CF travel tips straight from the experts: you!

Do you have special tips on traveling with CF? A packing list that leaves little room for error? Advice for cleaning your neb in a hotel room or disinfecting those germy airplane trays?

If so, we want to hear from you! Please share your tips, photos and videos with us, and you could be featured on the CF Community Blog.

(By the way, we also have some great new resources on traveling with CF on our website, including tips for travel prep, managing your CF while in transit and at your destination, and special considerations when traveling abroad.)

Helping us kick off this week is Amanda Cole, who shared her husband Christopher's travel story with us on Facebook:


My amazing spouse has traveled all over the globe! He talks to his care team first, and usually takes backup antibiotics in case he starts to feel an infection coming on. He keeps up on treatments while there (Cayston can be packed in a large purse or we can run back to the room for it) and we always get travel insurance because you just never know if plans are going to be derailed by pneumonia a week before you leave! Mostly though travel is great. Walking is good for the lungs!

Thanks for sharing, Amanda!

Now, it's your turn. Jump on in and share your story with us!

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Traveling with CF

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