Meet Wes Parsel

In our first 2016 “Living Today” video, Wes Parsel, 27, talks about almost everyone's New Year resolution: exercise. The big difference is that he's been doing this his whole life, in addition to his daily treatment routine. 

Jan. 7, 2016 | 2 min read
Carolyn Kilkus

Wes and I connected instantly when he spoke about his love for exercise. During this “Living Today” film shoot, he told me about his passion for biking, running, hiking, swimming and more! It helps that his fiancée, Anna, shares the same interests. They also love food, and -- get this -- I learned Anna can eat Wes under the table. You go, girl!

Wes is motivated, friendly and extremely optimistic. He completed his first marathon not too long ago, and I was impressed to hear that despite having some “hydration complications,” which sent him off to the hospital, he's still thinking of his next race and how he can improve his nutrition.

"Living in the moment” is something Wes does every day, and you can see it in his expressions and in the way he moves on his bike. He says that motto also serves as a way to feel free from the disease, taking one day at a time, pushing that last hospital visit to the back of his mind, and continuing to move forward.

Watch Wes live his life, one pedal, leap, step, pull and breath at a time.

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