What We're Thankful For

We used social media to ask you what you're thankful for this year. Check out some of your highlights!

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Emily Dulcan

Contemporary wisdom tells us that gratitude is not only virtuous but healthy. Think of something you're grateful for at least once a day! Say “thank you” to someone -- it will make both of you feel good!

Now is the time of year when we're used to stopping and thinking about what we're thankful for, but as we enter the thick of this holiday season, I am striving to make the act of gratitude a daily, not just seasonal, practice.

I'm reminded daily by the online cystic fibrosis community of reasons to be grateful. What may seem a small achievement to others -- eating enough calories or getting to attend family events -- are regular sources of celebration for people living with CF. And gratitude regularly shines through as you share milestone events such as graduations, weddings, transplants, new jobs and births.

A couple weeks ago, we asked you to share with us on social media what you're grateful for right now. Below are some of your sentiments. Thank you for sharing your holiday joys AND for being a daily source of gratitude for our incredible community.

I'm thankful for my new lungs. I received the gift of life on May 31 of this year and I have never breathed better. I am so thankful that my donor family made the selfless decision to give life to someone who so desperately needed it. CF controlled my life for 27 years and now I am living life I always imagined I could!
- Lauren Lapeyrouse Guidry


I'm thankful for our handsome rainbow baby Quinn. After trying for two years, he is here. I'm thankful for newborn screening and learning about his CF early. I'm thankful that my husband just so happened to be stationed in Hawaii and being close to one of the few army CF centers. Most of all, I'm thankful for the amazing support my family has been shown and the amount of love that Quinn receives.
- Katie Koier


From Canada here. While I don't have CF, I have lost a girlfriend in the past to CF. I loved her very much, miss her very much, but will never forget her. I am thankful for the time we had together. While Canada already had their Thanksgiving in October, I wish to all those in America a wonderful Thanksgiving as well. Always remember to embrace every moment of life like it is a piece of irreplaceable treasure. <3
- Presley James Aaron Ferguson


Beyond thankful for our angel Kelsie ... diagnosed at 2 weeks, strong and healthy!! 18 months now.
- Amber D. Maret


I am thankful to have an excellent support system made up of my amazing family, girlfriend and friends. I am thankful for being able to maintain my health and having a wonderful home and an understanding job. Life is good and CF has given me the perspective to appreciate every single second of it, no matter what obstacles I may face.
- Forrest Hess


I'm thankful for the doctor who discovered that two of my kids have CF. Late diagnosis.
- Mary Wilson
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