2017: Our New Year’s Re-Resolutions

2017 may be a new year, but are the resolutions we make ever really “new”?

Jan. 4, 2017 | 2 min read
Emily Dulcan

When we asked you to share your new year's resolutions on social media, I was especially struck by those of you who have resolved to keep doing things -- continuing to pay attention to your health, unconditionally supporting a family member with cystic fibrosis or improving a race time.

And though some of you want to pick up new habits, like regular exercise or working a job, it doesn't sound like these commitments are “new” to you. In fact, if you're like me, you commit to the good and try to get rid of the bad in your life 365 days a year.

So in 2017, I'm making re-resolutions. I'm taking a pause in a hectic life, at the end of a hectic year, and reminding myself of the commitments I (try to) make on a daily basis.

It looks like my re-resolutions are right in line with yours: improving my health, improving my mind and loving the people in my life. Check out some of yours below. Here's to a grand year of re-resolving again and again!

@m_i_k_a__4_: Continue being the best at supporting my daughter on her CF road!

@1_rachel: Make exercise a bigger part of my health care regimen, continue working, taking online classes and serving my family, church and community.

@Mariahcaisee: To not be hospitalized

@ash_debar: Less worry and anxiety … more living in the moment

@jennymakesmeals: Run every single day and finish the Pittsburgh Half Run to Cure CF in a better time than a few years ago when I last ran it!

@felecia1xo2: To put my health before anything and exercise a lot more

@cf_motherslove: To keep my CF warrior as strong as he can be (more like allowing him to be my strength and teach me his secrets of being strong) and to live, laugh, love with every single moment. #CFLife #CFdoesnotdefineLorenzo #NewYearSameJourney

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Emily is the online community events lead at the CF Foundation. She comes to the Foundation after serving for three years as digital director at the Peace Corps. Emily has worked as a digital strategist for nonprofits, agencies and political campaigns, including three years with Organizing for America. In 2006, Emily earned a master's degree in cross-cultural journalism from the Missouri School of Journalism. She loves traveling, reading, exercising, cooking and eating well.

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