Your COVID-19 Questions Answered

At ResearchCon 2020, President and CEO Dr. Mike Boyle answered some of the community's top questions on COVID-19. Here's your guide to hearing the answers to your questions.

April 20, 2020 | 2 min read
James Lawlor

It was my pleasure to co-chair ResearchCon 2020. With a lot on the CF community's mind around COVID-19, we wanted everyone to hear Dr. Boyle's responses to community-submitted questions about CF and COVID-19. Use the timestamps below to skip ahead to the questions most important to you or watch the whole session.

  • 1:21-4:26 - Could you give us the basics about what everyone should know about COVID-19?
  • 4:31-6:58 - Do we know how many people with CF have had COVID-19 and what their experiences have been?
  • 6:59-7:40 - Does it seem like people with CF have the same symptoms with COVID-19 or is there a difference?
  • 7:52-10:45 - Do we have any reason to think that people with CF might actually do better than the general population?
  • 10:46-11:38 - What do we know about people with transplants who have had COVID-19?
  • 11:41-16:50 - What do we do for the CF community and how should we best protect ourselves?
  • 16:52-19:44 - What should family members of people with CF be doing to keep their loved ones safe?
  • 19:50-22:05 - The CF community has expressed concern around access to medication and ventilators during this crisis. Can you provide any insight?
  • 22:06-26:08 - How do we get “back to normal” and what does that mean for people with CF?
  • 26:12-27:02 - What about kids with CF? Do we know how they've been faring with COVID-19?
  • 27:03-28:27 - Give us some reasons to be optimistic. What are the good things?

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James is a 37-year-old adult with CF living in Huntsville, Ala. He has always loved science and research (at least in part due to growing up with CF) and now works as a computational biologist for the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. There, he writes software, manages data, and does statistics to support a team using whole genome sequencing to diagnose pediatric rare disease. James has bachelor's degrees in biochemistry and mathematics and a master's degree in modeling and simulation from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. James has been involved in the CF community since joining Cystic-L and Teens With CF listservs in the early 2000s. More recently, he's served on the CFF Adult Advisory Council (2018-2020), been a community reviewer for the Clinical Research Committee (2019-2023), been a UAB CF Center CFLN patient partner (2020-2024), been on several ResearchCon planning committees, and co-chaired ResearchCon in 2020. In his spare time, he enjoys performing with community chamber choirs, attending local theatre and music events, reading, and gaming with his friends. James lives with his very disreputable dog, Kibeth.

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