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President and CEO Michael Boyle shares a message to CF Foundation staff on racism and discrimination.

June 3, 2020 | 2 min read
Michael P. Boyle, MD

Dear members of the CF Community,

During this heartbreaking time, I want to share with you the message that I sent to all CF Foundation staff on Monday in regard to the issues of racism and discrimination.

Hello CFF Team --

Over the past few days, like you, I have experienced deep sadness over the death of George Floyd, the systemic racism it represents, and the ongoing civil unrest in cities across the country. 

You may ask -- what does this have to do with us at the CF Foundation?

First, as an organization that cares deeply about its people, we are absolutely committed to a workplace that is free from discrimination. We will not tolerate any form of racial bias. I want every person at the CF Foundation to know that we are committed to fairness and inclusivity, and to striking down any discrimination in our organization. Working together, and knowing the integrity of our staff, I am confident we can and will do this.

Second, we have a responsibility to the community we serve. These issues touch every aspect of our society, including medicine. Despite an increasing proportion of minorities with CF, people of color in the United States are more likely to experience worse health outcomes, receive a delayed diagnosis, and be underrepresented in clinical trials. We will not accept these inequities -- and while we have begun tackling the challenges in these areas, we still have much work to do. 

The unrest over the past few days is a clear reminder that we must always strive to do better. During these difficult times, together let us look for every opportunity to better serve our community and support each other.


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About the CF Foundation

Michael P. Boyle, MD is President and Chief Executive Officer. Prior to his appointment as President and CEO, Dr. Boyle served as Senior Vice President, Therapeutics Development at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation from 2015-2019. In that role, Dr. Boyle shaped the Foundation's clinical research strategy, overseeing the clinical development programs of new treatments for the CF Foundation, as well as the Foundation's Therapeutic Development Network of 92 academic research centers.

Dr. Boyle is internationally known for his clinical research and for his work to improve care for adults with CF. He served as both as an investigator in the clinical study of Kalydeco and principal investigator of the pivotal trial that led to approval of the first combination treatment, Orkambi. Dr. Boyle completed his medical training at Johns Hopkins, including a fellowship in pulmonary and critical care medicine, before joining the medical faculty in 1999. Dr. Boyle founded the Johns Hopkins Adult CF Program -- one of the largest in the United States -- in 1999 and served as director of that center for close to two decades. Today, he is an adjunct professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins, where he continues to see patients. In addition to his medical background, Dr. Boyle has completed training in non-profit management at both Johns Hopkins and Harvard.

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