Community Grant Projects

Whether focused on physical wellness or connectivity and creativity, there are countless projects led by the community to support and empower people with CF and their loved ones.

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Impact Grants

A BreatheStrong+ participant doing a wall sit while wearing a BreatheStrong+ t-shirt


From Miles for Cystic Fibrosis, this motivational, points-based program encourages healthy habits for those with cystic fibrosis, including exercise, connecting with others in the CF community, and self-care.

A headshot of Lisa Greene, the program lead for Bright Beginnings, Brilliant Futures

Bright Beginnings, Brilliant Futures  

Bright Beginnings, Brilliant Futures is an online space where primary caregivers of newly diagnosed infants can build community, empower their families with tools to live full lives, and feel hopeful about their children's futures. This two-part program includes a series of self-guided informational modules and an online community of support. Those interested can contact the Bright Beginnings team for more information. 

A young woman landing in a field at sunset wearing a long dress with text overlaying the image saying "CF Community Footprints: Bringing the CF community together through storytelling, movement and healing."

CF Community Footprints 

Led by Marisa Ballaro and the Ballaro Dance company, CF Community Footprints is a virtual dance program with weekly sessions for people with CF and their families focused on movement, writing and reflection, and community connection; culminating in a collaborative dance piece. Those interested can fill out an interest form

Family photo of Laura Bonnell, who leads CF Master Class

CF Master Class

From The Bonnell Foundation, CF Master Class is a series of educational videos designed specifically for parents, guardians, and caregivers of children and young adults with CF — all created by parents and caregivers in the community. Topics include advocating for your loved one, raising multiple children with CF, diversity and CF, and more.

A calendar icon with the title "CF Senior Saturday Meet and Greets" inside it.

CF Senior Saturday Meet and Greets

Led by Kristina Robinson, an adult with CF, this program provides a virtual meeting space for people with CF ages 40+ to connect, exchange experiences, and access age-specific resources; encouraging them to become leaders in their communities, promote positive aging, and help inform policies and programs that meet the needs of older adults with CF.

Katherine Russell speaking into a microphone

Spit it Out (A CF Storytellers Training)  

Led by Katherine Russell, a specialist in storytelling and adult with CF, this virtual public speaking program uses trauma-informed training to help people with CF share their stories. Speakers will learn how to familiarize themselves with their own story, structure their story to connect with others, and deliver their story with power. Submit an interest form today.

Headshot of Brian Callanan, who co-leads the program "STROLO University: Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health of Men With CF"

STROLO University: Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health of Men With CF 

From Miles for Cystic Fibrosis in collaboration with the Cystic Fibrosis Lifestyle Foundation, this is a virtual support forum for people assigned male at birth with cystic fibrosis to share their CF-related sexual and reproductive health experiences, define priorities for research and care, and create resources for both clinicians and people with CF. 

Cynthia Baldwin holding flowers and smiling with her published books

The Salty Pen: A CF Writing Group

Led by Cynthia Baldwin, a published author and adult with CF, this virtual program is for all writers with CF who want to achieve their personal writing goals and have the opportunity to collaborate, find support, and solicit feedback on their writing. 

A headshot of Roberta Gregoire, program lead for Turning Points Coaching for Adults with CF

Turning Points Coaching for Adults with CF

Led by Roberta Gregoire, a parent of a young adult with CF, this group coaching program is designed to support adults with CF as they navigate life changes since starting modulator therapy. Primary goals include helping participants process identity shifts, articulate goals, build community, and take steps toward the life they’ve imagined.

Aliyah Novelli, program lead for Young Adult Group Program, smiling with a friend outdoors

CF Wellbeing Collective

Led by Aliyah Novelli, a licensed social worker and adult with CF, this monthly mindfulness program provides young adults with CF the support and strategies they need to address the unique challenges of life with their disease. Those who are interested in joining the Fall 2024 cohort can submit an interest form


Community Support Grants

A group of people from 65 Wellness Wishes holding a giant check

65 Wellness Wishes 

From Meghan’s Light, this program provides sponsorships of up to $250 for children with CF in New England to participate in exercise and wellness activities, such as summer camps and recreational sports. 

Two woman smiling in front of research poster

Cystic Fibrosis Reproductive & Sexual Health Collaborative 

This program invites women with CF to partner with health care providers and researchers to shape the future of CF research on sexual and reproductive health issues. CFReSHC holds monthly virtual meetings for women with CF to share their experiences, help identify knowledge gaps, and formulate key research questions to inform patient-centered research projects. 

The two directors of the CF Roundtable program smiling together.

CF Roundtable 

This quarterly publication from the United States Adult Cystic Fibrosis Association is available in digital or print and provides news, information, and insights about CF. Articles are written by adults with CF and focus on interest areas identified by readers in the community, such as: parenting and CF, diversity in cystic fibrosis, employment and remote work with CF, self-care strategies, and more. 

Collage made up of headshots of program participants.

The DistrActors 

Founded by professional performer and adult with CF, Rebecca Shook, this group of comedic actors creates personalized skits with music and storytelling to provide emotional support for children with CF during hospital and clinic visits. Parents can request customized videos through the DistrActors website. 

A person with CF walking on the beach with an oxygen tank

Exercise and Athletic Sponsorships

To help manage the physical and emotional aspects of living with CF, this program from Coach Ed, Inc. supports and empowers children with CF to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives. Program participants are selected to receive financial sponsorships of up to $750 for participation in fitness-related activities, including guidance for identifying the appropriate opportunity. 

The Project CF Spouse logo - a multi-color pair of lungs in a blue circle with the word "Project CF Spouse"

Project CF Spouse 

This nonprofit organization is dedicated to educating and supporting spouses and partners of people with CF. Resources available include a virtual community forum, casual monthly “Spouse Calls,” a community blog, and a podcast.

Terry and Michele Wright, co-founders of The National Organization of African Americans with Cystic Fibrosis

Raising Cystic Fibrosis Engagement in the African American Community 

From the National Organization of African Americans with Cystic Fibrosis, this program aims to connect and engage people with CF and their families in the African American community through online workshops and a virtual connection forum.  

A collage of sINgSPIRE participants singing over Zoom

sINgSPIRE Private Lessons

Founded by professional vocalist and adult with CF, Ashley Ballou-Bonnema, this 10-week program from Breathe Bravely focuses on combating CF through the art of singing. Virtual lessons are taught by a cohort of professional voice instructors and focus on building self-awareness, self-confidence, and respiratory strength. 

This is a graphic of the sINgSPIRE logo along with headshots of program participants.

sINgSPIRE Virtual Choir – Breathe Bravely

Individuals who have completed at least one session of the sINgSPIRE Private Lessons program are invited to participate in the sINgSPIRE Virtual Choir. Students participate in group rehearsals where they interact with each other, build community, and work through music that is commissioned and arranged specifically for them.  

Headshot of a man in a blue flannel shirt associated with Work Proudly

Work Proudly Program

From Claire's Place Foundation, the Work Proudly Program provides adults with CF and caregivers with job training and equipment to advance their professional skillsets and acquire flexible, work-from-home employment. Referrals for the program must be submitted by a member of the patient’s care team through the Claire’s Place Foundation website.

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