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Support our mission with a grant: We welcome support from private, corporate, and family foundations. 

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Explore opportunities to support our innovative research and care programs and find alignment with your philanthropic goals. Grants can be given in support of our mission through fundraising events and the annual fund campaign. Grants of $10,000 and above can be restricted to specific programs, including:

Why Now?

Advances in genetic research have exploded in recent years. The first potentially curative therapies are now on the horizon for people with certain forms of blindness and other rare diseases. The Foundation is leading the way in applying this emerging science to CF.

In addition to CF, there are more than 1,000 diseases caused by this type of genetic mutation, virtually all of which have eluded researchers seeking FDA-approved therapies. While our focus is on cutting-edge research for CF, our hope is that future genetic-based therapies could also benefit many others living with genetic diseases

The strength of the CF Foundation’s fundraising lies in our peer-to-peer events, including our longest-standing signature event, Great Strides. This is a fantastic opportunity for colleagues to come together and make a difference – from volunteering to forming company-based teams.

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