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Working alongside the CF community, the Foundation has fostered the development of more than a dozen CF treatments — an unprecedented number in a short span of time — and helped add decades of life for people with CF. And while therapies such as Trikafta® have had an incredible impact on the lives of those with CF, there are still many people with this disease who do not benefit from existing treatments. Our goal is to cure cystic fibrosis.

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A Cure for Every Person With CF

Our vision is a cure for every person with cystic fibrosis and a life free from the burden of this disease. Advances in genetic-based therapies represent an opportunity to achieve this goal. This is more complicated than anything we have ever done and will require substantial investment. Progressing a genetic therapy for CF could cost the CF Foundation 10 times more than the development of a novel therapy a decade ago.

Please consider joining the Milestones III: Driven by a Dream Campaign. With your support, we can invest our resources in research today, while raising funds for tomorrow in order to reach the finish line. We will not leave anyone behind.

You have an opportunity in your lifetime to be part of ending this disease. Help us make medical history.

Three Ways to Support the Campaign

  • Make a major gift: Make an outright gift of $10,000 or more or a multi-year pledge, payable up to 5 years (e.g. $50,000 over 5 years) to support the Milestones III campaign.
  • Make a planned gift: Support the campaign by joining the Legacy Society and including the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in your will or trust, or by beneficiary designation, by either notifying your local chapter or by visiting here.
  • Make a blended gift: Combine both approaches and make an outright gift or a multi-year pledge of $10,000 or more and a disclosed legacy commitment.
Headshot of Joe O'Donnell, Milestones III Chair.
"I encourage you, our most loyal and generous advocates, to support the Milestones III: Driven by a Dream campaign. We are here alongside you until we reach the finish line. It’s only the most important thing we will ever do – giving up is not an option."
— Joe O'Donnell, Chair In-Memoriam, Milestones III

The Milestones III Club

The Milestones III Club aims to broaden support for Milestones III: Driven by a Dream by recognizing our most generous donors who have made commitments to support our mission at the $50,000+ level. Volunteers across the nation are joining this extraordinary effort, unified by our shared vision: a cure for every person with cystic fibrosis and a life free from the burden of this disease.

Members of the Milestones III Club will receive:

  • Opportunity to be part of ending this disease and making medical history
  • Exclusive invitations to scientific briefings and CF Foundation events
  • Special messages from the campaign chair
  • The CF Foundation's campaign newsletter, Milestones Update
  • Special recognition by your local CF Foundation chapter
  • Recognition at the annual Volunteer Leadership Conference
Discovery Circle ($50,000 to $99,999) Breakthrough Circle ($100,000 to $249,999) Acceleration Circle ($250,000 to $499,999) Innovator Circle ($500,000 to $999,999) Explorer Circle ($1 Million to $2.49 Million) Trailblazer Circle ($2.5 Million to $4.99 Million) Groundbreaker Circle ($5 Million+)

You can help drive this momentum forward. Join the Milestones III Campaign today.

For further information, please email Angela Lynn, Senior National Leadership Giving Director, at

Milestones Campaign: A Brief History

From 2004-2010, Milestones to a Cure raised over $175 million from families and friends to narrow the gap between promising scientific opportunities and the funds required to pursue them. Yet with that success, our community did not stop. Instead, we embraced Milestones II: Accelerating the Search for a Cure in 2011 with a goal of raising an additional $75 million to speed the pace of research and find therapies for more individuals with CF.

Thanks to the monumental efforts of our volunteers and the generosity of donors who supported the first two Milestones campaigns, the CF Foundation raised $257 million in total and accelerated the development of the following critical therapies, including Trikafta, Symdeko, Orkambi, Kalydeco, Cayston, Arikace, RELiZORB, Bronchitol, and Hypertonic Saline. Winning this fight means working harder and faster. The Milestones III Campaign: Driven by a Dream, which builds upon the successful Milestones I and II campaigns, will accelerate progress.

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