Washington Post Letter on Health Care Access
Nov. 5, 2007 | 3 min read

In response to the debate over access to health care in Washington, D.C., the Washington Post published a letter to the editor by Robert J. Beall, Ph.D., president and CEO of the CF Foundation. The letter, which discusses the unique health care needs of people with CF, reflects the Foundation's efforts to ensure that people with CF have a voice in this critical discussion.

“The challenge faced by underinsured cystic fibrosis patients,” Dr. Beall writes, “mirrors the challenges faced by the underinsured population as a whole. This is a key part of the debate and too important to ignore.”

As elected officials shape the health care system, the Foundation maintains its focus on patients-making certain they receive the innovative therapies they need to live.

To read the letter as it appears in washingtonpost.com, click here (you may have to register). Or if you prefer, please see the text of the letter below.

Chronically Ill and Underinsured

Monday, November 5, 2007; Page A18

As our political leaders grapple with the important issue of providing health coverage for all children ["Vote Nearing in Battle Over Kids' Health Care," news story, Oct. 14], there is an equally challenging and often overlooked piece of the puzzle: the burden faced by people -- often with rare or chronic diseases -- who are underinsured.

At the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, we are developing therapies that could one day lead to a cure for cystic fibrosis, a fatal genetic disease. While we're fortunate that 95 percent of cystic fibrosis patients are insured, many face a daunting reality: Despite their coverage, they may not be able to afford the advanced therapies needed to keep them alive and healthy. About 21 percent of people with cystic fibrosis say that they have intentionally skipped doses of medicine to keep costs down, and 13 percent say that they have delayed seeking treatment for the same reason.

More troubling still are those who have reached a lifetime maximum allowance on their health plans by their early 20s.

The challenge faced by underinsured cystic fibrosis patients mirrors the challenges faced by the underinsured population as a whole. This is a key part of the debate and too important to ignore.


President and Chief Executive

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

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