About Clinical Trials

About Clinical Trials

This is an exciting time in cystic fibrosis clinical research. Not only are there several clinical trials of therapies to treat the underlying cause of CF, but there are also many trials to treat key symptoms of CF and improve quality of life. These include studies of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to treat lung infections and inflammation, as well as treatments to improve nutrition and digestion.

Introduction to Clinical Trials

There have never been more opportunities to help develop new drugs for cystic fibrosis than there are today. When you are deciding whether to participate in a clinical trial, it's important to know the potential risks and benefits.

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Clinical Trials What to Consider

Clinical trials that test potential drugs and therapies in people with cystic fibrosis are a major part of CF research. They take place at Cystic Fibrosis Foundation-accredited care centers all over the United States and enroll people with CF of all ages.

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Clinical Trials After the Trial

Once your clinical trial is over, you can follow its progress online or follow up with your care team to find out about results. Learn how to use the Clinical Trial Finder and Drug Development Pipeline to track your trial and stay informed about current research.

After the Trial
Clinical Trials Drug Pipeline

The Drug Development Pipeline features an extensive list of drugs that are in development or approved for treating cystic fibrosis.

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Clinical Trials Find a Trial
Our interactive Clinical Trial Finder can help you explore clinical trials that might be a good fit for you.
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Stay up-to-date on the latest clinical studies as they open for enrollment and publish results. Sign up to receive updates on all studies as they become available, or customize your alerts based on the studies that are important to you.

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