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The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation practices venture philanthropy by making strategic investments in companies and technologies with the potential to treat or cure CF.  We have a proven track record of accelerating the development of innovative therapies through financial investment, customized research materials, and clinical trial infrastructure.

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The CF Foundation catalyzed venture philanthropy to benefit rare disease in the early 2000s, when we invested in Aurora Biosciences (later acquired by Vertex Pharmaceuticals), leading to the development of transformative therapies for people with cystic fibrosis. The Foundation’s initial and subsequent scientific, financial, and strategic support, along with the Foundation’s expertise and assistance in clinical trials, enabled the company that would become Vertex to pursue innovative discovery research leading to CFTR modulators (Kalydeco®, Orkambi®, Symdeko®, and Trikafta®) that target a dysfunctional CFTR protein, which is a major cause of CF.

CFTR modulators have revolutionized the treatment landscape for cystic fibrosis, offering life-changing improvements in lung function and quality of life for many people with CF. These groundbreaking drugs stand as a remarkable example of how strategic approaches between the CF Foundation and biotech companies can drive scientific innovation and lead to the development of transformative therapies. Read more about our history and our venture philanthropy approach here.

What We Look For

Mission impact: We invest in technology platforms and therapies with the potential to create meaningful improvements in the lives of people with CF.

Scientific merit: We seek exceptional scientific and technological platforms that have strong supportive data. Notably, we often evaluate and support technologies that, while not currently focused on cystic fibrosis, may be applicable to specific challenges in the treatment of CF, such as delivery to specific cells. We prioritize approaches that are amenable to an evidence-based, de-risking, and methodical development plan.

Sustainable business model: We seek opportunities that demonstrate a viable business model, which is required to attract the capital needed to successfully complete any development project and to ultimately make innovation available to the community. 

Areas of Focus

Path to a Cure

  • Approaches to restore, correct, or replace CFTR protein or CFTR genes carrying pathogenic mutations

  • Viral and non-viral delivery approaches to target the correct cells for delivery of nucleic acids and proteins to organs affected by CF, including but not limited to the lung, pancreas and GI tract

Learn more about our core strategies to address the underlying cause of CF here

Infectious Disease

  • Treatments for bacterial pulmonary infections that affect people with CF 

  • Diagnostics for rapid and reliable detection of pathogenic pulmonary infections that affect people with CF

Learn more about our research into infections.


  • Treatments to address other manifestations of CF including but not limited to pancreatic insufficiency and mucociliary clearance

How We Invest

  • Industry-standard due diligence processes on all prospective investments (e.g., scientific, operational, business legal, financial) 

  • Agnostic of stage of development 

  • Flexible investment vehicles, with a preference for equity instruments

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in our industry funding opportunities. Please contact us for more details. 

If your company would like to request an investment from the CF Foundation, please complete this form. Attach a non-confidential slide deck and up to three supporting non-confidential documents that describe the innovation and high-level business and development plan.  

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