Our Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016

The top 10 most-read blog posts of 2016 cover a range of topics and demonstrate the diversity of the cystic fibrosis community.

Dec. 29, 2016 | 4 min read
Bethlehem Horn

Since we launched the CF Community Blog last year, members of the community have shared stories of love, loss and everything in between, sparking more connections and conversations than we could have ever imagined. In 2016, you've shared more than 150 posts. That's 150 moments in which you have opened your hearts to share your experiences with us and each other.

Over the last year, you've played an integral role in the success of the blog. By engaging in the conversation, either with us or each other, you've made what's important to you very clear. This year, our most-read blog posts discussed a variety of topics including transplantation, pregnancy and coping with CF. Did your favorite blog post make the top 10 list? Check out the countdown below!



10. Loving My Wife Was Worth Every Second

By Bradley Bjornstad | May 17, 2016
Life isn't always full of happy moments. Some are heartbreaking and some are crushing. But through it all, the life Kari and I shared together were the happiest moments of my life. I wouldn't trade them for anything. They were worth every second. 
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9. Fighting for the Perfect Body: A Healthy One

By Jodi Marquez Klarenbeek | May 23, 2016 
In a culture flooded with advertisements about the perfect body, secret weight-loss tricks and fad diets, our cultural ideals of weight are often skewed to an image that is far from healthy. 
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8. One Thing I Wish I Knew Before My Transplant

By Kyle Cole | April 8, 2016
When my mom used to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I told her I wanted to be a dad. The journey to fatherhood with CF is full of obstacles, but I would give anything to pass on the traits I've gained from living with this disease to a child of my own.
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7. Healing One Wound and Opening Another 

By Kat Quinn | January 12, 2016
There is no greater instinct than a mother’s need to protect, and I have had to willfully disregard it countless times in my journey with CF. 
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6. An Open Letter to My Son’s Future Wife

By Jaclyn Strube | March 21, 2016 
I often think about the woman who will eventually marry my son. I think about what she is doing right now and what her life is like. Although I can't wait to meet her, at this point, I'm also sad thinking about not being the number one woman in Major's life. 
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5. When Your Wife is Catching Up to her Life Expectancy

By Eddie McKinnon | April 15, 2016 
I try to think of age as just another number. But as a spouse to someone living with cystic fibrosis, these numbers are frightening to me. 
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4. Three Ways My Parents Helped Me Become a Positive Adult

By Lauren Bombardier | March 1, 2016 
There were three important things that my parents did for me while I was growing up that helped me become an independent and positive person.
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3. A Different Meaning for the Word ‘Love’

By Jodi Marquez Klarenbeek | February 11, 2016 
When you have cystic fibrosis, the people in your life are heavily impacted by what you go through. And this love isn’t limited to a companion or partner, but shines through friends, parents, siblings and caregivers. 
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2. Facing an Impossible List of Pre-Transplant Goals

By Caleigh Haber | April 11, 2016   
After my transplant team said I was too sick to undergo a double-lung transplant, I was determined to get well enough so that I could. 
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1. Internalizing Feelings of Guilt with CF

By Ali Donahue | January 27, 2016 
There are a lot of misconceptions about illnesses. For one, you’re supposed to look sick -- or like other people’s perception of a sick person. Once I started to doubt myself and the gravity of my illness, I began internalizing a whole lot of guilt.      
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