Impact Grants

Impact Grants provide guidance and funding to individuals or nonprofits that actively work with and empower the cystic fibrosis community.

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  • Impact Grants provide up to $10,000 of funding per year for up to two years to individuals or nonprofit organizations for programs that empower people with CF or their families. 

  • Whether you are still developing your idea or already running an established program, Impact Grants can help you move your vision forward. 

What are Impact Grants?

Impact Grants provide up to $10,000 of funding per year, for up to two years, to individuals or nonprofit organizations for programs that actively work with and empower people with CF or their families. CF community members have unique insights into how they can best support their peers. The CF Foundation can help to bring those ideas into reality through Impact Grants.   

With more than $1 million of funding awarded since its launch in 2016, Impact Grants reflect the Foundation's commitment to not only cure cystic fibrosis, but also to help people with CF live full lives. Impact Grants support a wide range of programs, from physical wellness to creative activities to personal and professional growth opportunities. No matter their focus, all programs include an element of active participation from CF community members. The CF Foundation is especially interested in funding programs that support people who do not benefit from modulators, people who received a delayed diagnosis, and Spanish-speaking individuals.

2023 Impact Grant Awardees

Last year’s awardees have programs that support the CF community from initial diagnosis through adulthood:

Read more about our 2023 Impact Grant recipients!

In addition to the seven new grants, three 2022 Impact Grants were renewed for 2023:

Community Support Grants

The Foundation also offers Community Support Grants, which provide additional support to previous Impact Grant recipients who continue to innovate how they engage and empower people with CF and their families. All programs are evaluated by members of the CF community and are committed to demonstrating a high standard of service as they work to scale their reach and impact.

For additional information on Impact Grants or Community Support Grants, email

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