The CF Adult Advisory Council (AAC)

Members of the council lend their voices to convey the hopes, needs, and aspirations of the CF adult community.

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The CF Adult Advisory Council (AAC) is a rotating group of adults living with CF that lend their voices to convey the hopes, needs, and aspirations of the CF adult community by tapping into the strengths and expertise of other community members.

The AAC provides advice with a focus on the perspectives from adults with CF to the senior leadership of the Foundation and its Board. The AAC also serves as a connection between the Foundation and the adult CF community, consulting on various activities and programs.

The AAC is responsible for the following:

  • Providing insight on living with CF as an adult, from sharing personal experiences and through involvement with others in the community
  • Identifying ways that the CF Foundation can better partner with people with CF through its programs and mission
  • Offering guidance and advice on various CF Foundation initiatives, projects, topics, and resources
  • Serving as reviewers for Impact Grants

The work of the AAC enhances communication between the CF community and the Foundation, demonstrates the Foundation's commitment to partnering with all people with CF, and helps identify areas of opportunities to meet the diverse needs of the CF community. 

To learn more about the AAC and other ways the CF community is making a difference across CF care, research, and community programming, please read the Community Voice 2023 Year in Review Report

2023-2024 Council Members


A professional headshot of Chad Riedy

Chad Riedy, Chair, Alexandria, Va.

A professional headshot of Rachel Alder

Rae Alder, Salt Lake City, Utah

A headshot of Art Brace

Art Brace, Belmont, Calif.


Headshot of Will Corcoran, MD from the Clinical Research Executive Committee.

Will Corcoran, Chicago, Ill.

A headshot of Tanisha Cunningham

Tanisha Cunningham, Verona, N.J.

Jen Eisenmann

Jen Eisenmann, Durham, N.C.


A headshot of Jennifer Kyle

Jennifer Kyle, Bowling Green, Ky.

Giovanni Peralta

Giovanni Peralta, Takoma Park, Md.


A headshot of Kasey Raffensperger

Kasey Raffensperger, Hoboken, N.J.


A professional headshot of Luis Ramirez

Luis Ramirez, McAllen, Texas

KC White

KC White, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

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